Aging Gracefully Lifestyle Show

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Aging Gracefully Lifestyle Consumer Show 2016

Let's face it, we are ALL aging!  Learn how to do it gracefully at the 1st Annual "Aging Gracefully" Lifestyle Show presented by Cloverdale Pharmasave and Today's Senior Newsmagazine.

WHEN: June 27 2015
WHERE:  Shannon Hall (Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition Fairgrounds)
               6050-176 St (Cloverdale Fairgrounds), Surrey
               Corner of 176th Street and 60th Ave, Cloverdale
Registration NOT required, just show up!

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Businesses interested in exhibiting please contact Josephine Leonard:  Josephine [at] CloverdalePharmasave [dot] com

Aging Gracefully Lifestyle Show

Guest Speaker Information and Bio's:

Rick Singh 11:30am
Rick Singh, President, Financial Advisor - CRS Financial Group

S50 1480 Foster St. White Rock, BC V4B 3X7 Ph: 604-535-3367 Fax: 604-535-3302

"Winning strategies if you will be giving or receiving an inheritance"
Rick Singh is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging. He will discuss effective strategies to transfer your wealth to the next generation. Rick will explain how to avoid costly probate and delays in settling an estate as well as avoiding costly litigation of wills.

Rick Singh is the president and financial advisor of CRS financial Group Ltd., based in South Surrey, BC. CRS Financial Group provides Wealth Management advise and solutions for individual investors and business owners that spans Investments, Banking, Insurance, Retirement planning, Group Benefits and Group Savings solutions.
Rick has dedicated the past 30 years of his career in the financial services industry helping investors as well as assisting financial advisors. Over the years Rick gained extensive experience working as a Branch Manager for a Trust Company, a Regional Director of Sales for a Mutual Fund company and as a Senior Sales Executive for Manulife Financial.
Rick is a CPCA (Certified Professional Consultant on Aging) and this has enabled him to specialize in helping seniors, and retirees throughout Canada. He has contributed in the past on financial related topics on CBC radio “On the Coast” hosted by Stephen Quinn. Rick was born in British Guyana, South America and immigrated with his siblings and parents to Canada when he was twelve. He grew up in Ontario, where he attended York University and earned a combined honours bachelor's degree in economics and administration. Rick moved to British Columbia sixteen years ago, and lives in South Surrey, BC with his wife Leslie and two daughters, Katherine and Victoria. Rick is President of the Rotary club of South Surrey. He is also Past President of the Board of White Rock South Surrey Hospice Society. He is also chair of the board of Credit Counseling Society, and a member of the board for White Rock South Surrey Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys travelling with his family and playing competitive golf.

Sarah Morrissette Aging Gracefully

Sarah Morrissette, RHN - Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions Inc.

"Look Fabulous and Feel Great"
Are you stiff, sore, overweight or have sagging skin? Are your hormones out of balance? Do you feel tired? Do you want to look and feel fabulous and live longer? Join this seminar with Lorna Vanderhaeghe and discover simple tips to boost energy, have gorgeous skin, reduce the signs and symptoms of aging and discover the secrets to vibrant health. No matter what your age, you can start now on a program that makes you feel fit and fabulous.

You will discover
· Nutrients to boost energy
· How to stop muscle and joint pain
· The keys to reducing wrinkles in 28 days
· How to balance hormones
· How to boost mood and enhance your sex drive naturally
· How to lose weight effortlessly

Sarah is passionate about women’s health, in particular hormonal balance. She suffered from PCOS, without a period for 3 years which led her to delve into natural medicine, and included getting her registered holistic nutritionist certification.  Sarah regularly speaks to women on topics such as hormone balance and how to achieve glowing, beautiful skin. She is a Former member of the Canadian National women’s volleyball team.

Maureen McGarth

Maureen McGrath, RN, NCA - Host of CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show
2013 YWCA Women of Distinction Nominee

"Female Sexual Desire: What health, hormones and V-Love has to do with it."

Maureen a leading health expert is Host of the CKNW SUNDAY NIGHT SEX SHOW a live educational listener call-in radio show on 980 on Sundays at 8pm. Maureen an RN and Nurse Continence Advisor talks the taboo educating men and women about sexual health, how it relates to overall health, making relationships the best they can be.  She is in clinical practice in Vancouver at Cross Roads Clinic in Vancouver and at Uromed in North Vancouver. 

She is a patient advocate for health care issues and is passionate about raising awareness about violence against women. 

A 2013 YWCA Women of Distinction Nominee, Maureen also serves on the Board of the College of Midwives of British Columbia and the Women’s Advisory Board for the BC Lion’s “Be More Than A Bystander” Program. She is a long time Mentor with Minerva’s “Women Helping Women Work” Program. 
Follow Maureen on Twitter: @back2thebedroom

“When you stumble on this gravel road of life, make it part of your dance.”

 Jason Watkin Aging Gracefully

Jason Watkin,Chair, CEO and Chief Formulator - Purica

"The Power of Prevention: Managing Stress and Aging Gracefully" 
The combined protection of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants has been shown to improve our quality of life as we age. Purica Chair, CEO & Chief Formulator Jason Watkin walks us through the benefits of a combined regimen of natural supplements, in this case Recovery and Provascin by Purica and more.

A passionate speaker skilled at reaching his audiences by simplifying complex and sometimes confusing information. Jason breaks through the clutter in the field of holistic nutrition and presents powerful strategies to treat existing conditions and improve overall wellness on the principles of psychology, microbiology, biochemistry and natural, oriental and allopathic medicine.

Lyle Sunada Hormone Specialist

Lyle Sunada, Compounding Pharmacist, NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner - Cloverdale Pharmasave Health Centre

"Hormone Balancing and Bio-Identical Hormones"
This seminar will cover everything you wanted to know about  hormone balancing & bio-identical hormones (estrogen/estriol, progesterone, testosterone, etc.) including:

1.  What are they and where do they come from? 2. Are they safe?  What about breast cancer? 3. How do I know I’m low?  What are the best tests and why? 4. How can I get them?  Would my doctor prescribe them? If not, then what? 5. Which hormones are associated with fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, vaginal dryness,  mood swings, low sex drive, hair loss, brittle nails, breast tenderness, heavy periods, etc.? 6. My thyroid tests came back normal but I still have symptoms.  What about bio-identical thyroid hormones and how do I know I need them with normal levels?  7. What supplements can help with osteoporosis, vaginal dryness, incontinence, and thyroid function?

Lyle Sunada graduated from the University of B.C. pharmacy program in 1990 and started working at Cloverdale Pharmasave as a pharmacist and is now the pharmacy manager.  He went through extensive training through Professional Compounding Centres of America (PCCA) in 1996 as a compounding pharmacist and is now a Certified Menopause Practitioner through the North American Menopause Society. Lyle is probably best known for his expertise in natural or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and has worked with 100’s of patients and doctors in providing expert advice on balancing hormones. He has helped patients with menopause, peri-menopause, PMS, andropause, stress/adrenal dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, hot flashes, insomnia, weight loss, hair loss, PCOS, etc. Lyle has been offering private consultations for patients for close to 20 years and will get referrals from physicians and naturopaths to help with hormone balancing recommendations. He has presented many talks to physicians and patients including seminars to the B.C. Natural Health Symposium, U.B.C. Pharmacy Dept., West Coast Women’s Show, and the Canadian Longevity and Anti-Aging Academy. 

 Dr. Brian Gluvic

Dr. Brian Gluvic, Naturopathic Physician, Village Health Clinic

"Tired of Feeling Tired: Natural Treatments for Fatigue"

Do you feel really tired late morning or mid afternoon? Are you dependent on sugar and caffeine to make it through the day? Do you often wake in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep?
Fatigue and sleep issues are often an accepted part of aging. 

Fortunately, these issues do not have to dominate our lives as we grow older. Learn how simple dietary changes and nutrition can improve your energy and sleep and help you feel younger.

Dr. Brian Gluvic is a Naturopathic Physician at the Village Health Clinic. He provides family medical care with an emphasis on dietary and nutritional therapies, lifestyle counseling, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. He completed his medical training at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and received additional training in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. Dr. Gluvic is an adjunct professor at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

The Village Health Clinic offers Naturopathic Medical and Midwifery care and is located in Panorama Village in Surrey.

Rosalyn Manthorpe Aging Gracefully

Rosalyn Manthorpe, President - Manthorpe Law Offices  Ph: 604-582-7743

"Planning for Incapacity and Death: Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Agreements, and Wills."
Rosalyn Manthorpe is the senior lawyer at Manthorpe Law Offices, which has had offices in the Guildford area of Surrey for over 20 years. Rosalyn’s practice focuses on Business Law, Wills, Trusts, and Estates, and Real Estate and Mortgages – the issues that affect most people in their personal or business life. 

Rosalyn has earned a reputation as a “people person” and is well-known for her ability to get to the heart of the matter, breaking down legal problems into simpler, more manageable pieces. Her proactive, down-to-earth approach allows her to quickly determine and resolve issues while anticipating possible future problems, thus ensuring her clients’ objectives are accomplished in the most cost-effective way. In over 30 years of practice, Rosalyn has often been delighted to assist clients through the generations, meeting the children and grandchildren of clients as they become clients themselves.

Manthorpe Law Offices: Just right…for all your legal needs. “We talk to you in plain language.”