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December 2017

Protect Yourself From Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious lung infection with potentially dire consequences. Most people recover on their own at home, but others who are at higher risk, such as the old and the young, and people with low immunity or other diseases may require treatment in hospital. We definitely want to do what we can to prevent contraction of the infection as well as prevent the escalation of pneumonia.
December 2017

Ready, Set, Go! (Travel Prep)

Wintery weather often makes us think of escapes to sunnier destinations. Even though making sure you are immunized against diseases that you may contract at your destination of choice does not seem as important as finding the best flight or hotel at the best price, it is worth it to take a pause and give it some thought. After all, holiday getaways are not as jolly when you have traveler’s diarrhea! Here are a few tips to get you started as you plan your Winter escape.
November 2017

RECOVERY®: More Than Just Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a well-known supplement amongst those who have joint issues such as osteoarthritis. Even medical doctors have been known to recommend it to their arthritic patients. Despite its popularity as a joint supplement, clinical and experimental evidence shows limited benefit to using just glucosamine on its own.
October 2017

Weight Control

Q: It’s fall and all I hear about is “pumpkin spice latte” this or that! Combined with two upcoming family holidays where a big turkey feast is featured, I’m not sure my waistline can take it. Any suggestions on how to pre-empt what seems the inevitable weight gain?
October 2017

Cold and Flu Support for All Ages

Q: I’m a nursing mother to a 7 month old baby and I have a young child in preschool. My husband works with the public. I am wondering what we can do to try to keep us all as healthy as possible during the upcoming cold and flu season?
October 2017

"Cerenity" Now

September 2017

Toddler Probiotic

Q: It seems like the moment my normally healthy child steps foot into school, he catches every cold that goes around. I’ve been told that probiotics may be helpful to boost his immune system, but he doesn’t like to eat yogourt. What else can I try?
September 2017

Breathing Easier with Natural Supplements

Breathing is such an automatic function that we often do not realize how important our respiratory systems are until they are affected by something like the smoke that drifted into the Lower Mainland from the wildfires in the Interior of B.C. Thankfully, our respiratory tracts are lined with tiny hairs called cilia from the nose right down to the smallest bronchioles to help sweep debris and particulates out of the body. When the cilia are not able to work as well as they should (e.g., are overwhelmed), particulates can cause irritation to the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract. To help things along, there are some supplements that can support the lungs’ natural detoxification and respiratory function.
August 2017

Beautifully BC

Q:I heard there were several reputable natural supplement companies based out of BC. Is that true, and are their products any good? A:Such a timely question for BC Day. Some of our favourite companies are actually nestled right in our backyard here in BC. Why are they our favourites? Mainly because their products have proven to be highly effective in our experience.
July 2017

Sulforaphane Sun Protection

Q: I burn very easily and am concerned about my skin being damaged from being outdoors all summer. Other than using sunscreen, what can I do to protect my skin from the sun? A: Using sunscreen and wearing hats or long-sleeved clothing all play a role in preventing UV radiation from having a chance to interact with and damage our skin. However, certain antioxidants can be taken internally as well as applied externally to help reduce and reverse the effects of sun-induced damage.
July 2017

A Little Amino Acid to End a Lot of Pain

Many people know that AMINO ACIDS are the building blocks of protein. But did you know that DL-PHENYLALANINE (“DLPA”) is a special amino acid that not only helps alleviate PAIN, but may help battle fatigue, confusion, alertness and memory problems?
July 2017

Nutrition for Firmer Skin

You are what you eat... fortunately, we can make use of this principle when we think about how we can nourish our skin. If we think about the reasons why skin "ages", the first one that comes to mind and the one that plays the largest role is oxidation. Oxidative stress in the form of UV radiation from sunlight, air pollutants, ozone, smoking, and psychological stress can cause the skin to lose its strength and integrity, which can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin.