Collagen: Sources and Uses

May 2019

Collagen: Sources and Uses

By Frederick Cheng (RPh), and Christine Cheng (RPh)

Q: Can collagen can do more than benefit my skin?  What’s the best way to get it into my body?

A: Collagen, along with elastin fibres in the proper ratio, restores elasticity to your skin and holds moisture in those areas; they can also benefit your bones, hair, nails, gut, and joints.  Collagen is abundant in your diet if you regularly eat cow tendons, chicken cartilage, pig skin, fish, bone marrow, and bone broth.  If not, products such as Lorna Vanderhaeghe’s Active Collagen™ (capsules containing an 85% collagen and 5% elastin blend from wild fish) and CanPrev’s Collagen Beauty (liquid containing Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides ™ Type I and III hydrolyzed collagens from bovine source) offer healthy, balanced sources of collagen that provide the necessary structural support to the various tissues, including keeping your skin toned, well-hydrated, and supple to touch.  Benefits could be realized in as little as one month of use, and prolonged use will have additive and prolonged effects.

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