Naturally Beautiful Skin Care from Viva

November 2018

By Christine Cheng, R.Ph. and Fred Cheng, R.Ph.

Beauty comes from within. This is something that we believe in a figurative sense, but also a literal sense. Omega 3’s (especially gamma linolenic acid), pycnogenol, and hyaluronic acid are amongst our favourite oral supplements for supporting healthy skin from within. However, topical products have their place in giving us beautiful glowing skin.

Moisturized skin is healthy looking skin and the amount of hyaluronic acid (HA) in our skin plays a major role in how moisturized our skin is because HA acts like a sponge and holds moisture in the skin. Unfortunately, as we age, the metabolism of HA decreases resulting in dryer skin. This is why supplementing with HA can make our skin look more youthful. Topical application of a HA product is also very effective at boosting the moisture levels. VIVA HEALTH PRODUCTS’ has chosen to deliver their HA in a serum format. This is because serums allow water-soluble ingredients to be drawn deeper into the skin resulting in longer-lasting effect. This is compared to cream or gel formulas which carry larger molecules that typically do not penetrate as deeply into the skin. A few drops of Viva’s PURE HA SERUM applied twice daily can dramatically improve the moisture level in the skin which can give the skin a “plumped up” look.

Another nutrient that is important for creating healthy, glowing skin is vitamin C. In the skin, vitamin C acts an antioxidant by neutralizing reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced upon exposure to ultra-violet (UV) radiation, e.g., sunlight. Left on its own, ROS can alter skin cell DNA, cell membrane, and cellular proteins such as collagen. Vitamin C can also act as a depigmentation agent by decreasing the formation of melanin. Topical application of vitamin C can also stimulate collagen synthesis. For dermatological purposes, topical applications are preferred to oral supplementation because the bioavailability of vitamin C to the skin is limited when ingested. Although many people may think of vitamin C as a water-soluble vitamin when ingested orally, topical applications of lipid soluble (i.e., fat soluble) forms of vitamin C are the most effective to penetrate skin. Viva’s BIO BRIGHTENING C delivers this powerful nutrient in a base of rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose oil along with vitamin E to boost its penetration into the skin.

Exfoliating the skin is an easy way to reveal fresher looking skin. Although not a topical ingredient per se, Viva’s AMAZE GEL is really so amazing that it deserves to be mentioned! All of the ingredients are derived from natural sources and it is non-abrasive. Friction from simply rubbing the gel between the fingers and skin activates the gel, which works by breaking the protein bonds of dead skin. Because it is in a gel format, the ingredients cannot penetrate too deep and therefore only remove the outermost layers of dead skin and do not impact the new skin forming beneath.

Come talk to us about how to include these products in your skincare regimen!

Christine and Fred Cheng are a passionate, charismatic sister-brother pharmacist team at their unique, family-owned and operated Pharmasave stores in Cloverdale and Steveston, B.C. They specialize in natural remedies and compounding for both human and veterinarian use. Everything mentioned in their article is available InStore.

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