Cold and Flu Support for All Ages

October 2017

By Christine Cheng, R.Ph. and Fred Cheng, R.Ph.

Q: I’m a nursing mother to a 7 month old baby and I have a young child in preschool. My husband works with the public. I am wondering what we can do to try to keep us all as healthy as possible during the upcoming cold and flu season?

A: At the top of the list are some non-drug options. Stay well-hydrated, eat your fruits and veggies and ensure adequate protein intake because all of these actions will help your immune system function optimally. Wash your hands frequently, even if you do not feel they are dirty. We inadvertently touch many surfaces throughout the day and then touch our faces, risking the introduction of viruses and bacteria into our body through the eyes and nose. Simply washing your hands several times throughout the day can minimize your risk of exposure to cold or flu viruses.

Getting a FLU SHOT is one of the best ways to minimize the impact of the flu virus on your body. Notice we do not say that it prevents you from getting the flu as that can only be achieved by not inhaling droplets containing the virus. The flu vaccine works by showing your immune system parts of the flu virus and stimulating your body to produce antibodies and other killer cells that fight the virus. Then if your body does encounter the live virus, you will already be armed with the weapons to fight it. Thus, the flu shot does not prevent you from getting the flu, rather it minimizes how sick you feel since the body is able to fight it before the virus causes you to be symptomatic.

Supporting the immune system can help prepare it for its fight against seasonal viruses. ESBERITOX® is a preparation of echinacea, baptisia and thuja which gives it broader immune-stimulating properties than echinacea alone. Labeled for children as young as 4 years of age, chewing a few tasty tablets three times a day at the onset of a cold can reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms. For those who prefer a liquid, PASCOLEUCYN is used in much the same way. The family of SAMBUCUS products all contain a cultivar of black elderberry that is reported to contain higher levels of naturally-occurring flavonoids, which supports the immune system. Black elderberry is a traditional remedy used to help reduce the severity and duration of flu symptoms. Sambucus for Kids is labeled for children as young as 2 years of age. COLDSTORM® is a full-spectrum garlic supplement that is labeled for children as young as 2 and can be used by pregnant and nursing mothers.

Come talk to us about choosing the right product or combination of products to protect your entire family this winter.

Christine and Fred Cheng are a passionate, charismatic sister-brother pharmacist team at their unique, family-owned and operated Pharmasave in Cloverdale, B.C. They specialize in natural remedies and compounding for both human and veterinarian use. Everything mentioned in their article is available InStore.  

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