Dry Skin

March 2019

Dry Skin Q&A with Pharmacist Christine Cheng

By Christine Cheng, R.Ph. 

Q: My skin is very dry and this cold, wintery weather is not helping! I try to moisturize with a hand cream a few times every day, but the skin on my hands is so dry, I feel like it may start cracking! What can I do for my dry skin?

A: Moisturizing every day with a cream- or ointment-based product after each handwashing or bathing is important to help seal in the moisture.  Moisturizing from the “inside out” may be necessary for those who are already keeping up with the external application of a moisturizer. Consider an omega-3 supplement whose fats are delivered in a triglyceride form for best absorption and integration into the skin. NUTRASEA® is a fish-oil based supplement that has worked well for many patients. For vegetarians and vegans, there is NUTREVEGE®, which is derived from algae. If you are on medications, speak with your doctor or pharmacist before starting a fatty-acid supplement.

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