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December 2014

Don't be Singing the ShingleBells

“ShingleBells” is definitely not a tune you would want to sing this Christmas, or any other time at all! Fortunately, there are things you can do and natural supplements you can take that can help minimize your risk of getting a shingles outbreak.
December 2014

Fueling Your Body with Fats

“Fats” in our diet have traditionally suffered a bad reputation for contributing to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, skin conditions (e.g. eczema and psoriasis) and even cancer. Nowadays, we are more aware that there are many different types of fats and many of them play a role in keeping us healthy. Consider that 10-12% of our brains are made up of some sort of lipid and every cell in our body requires a certain level of fatty material to keep its cell membrane healthy. With all of the fad diets and supplements out on the market, how can we tell which fats will help with our health goals? Here is a brief overview for you.
December 2014

Medical Foods and Metabolic Syndrome

High blood pressure, increased blood glucose levels, excess body fat around the waist, elevated triglyceride levels, and reduced HDL (or “good”) cholesterol levels…each of these risk factors are undesirable conditions on their own, but if you have a combination of any three of these, you may have Metabolic Syndrome. Although having Metabolic Syndrome increases your risk of having heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, it is not an inevitable conclusion. A physician-approved exercise plan along with some conscious changes in the diet to include more fibre, vegetables and fruit will go a long way to improve each of these risk factors. For some people, inclusion of a Medical Food such as Ultrameal® can help meet their health goals.
November 2014

Integrative Approach to Cold and Flu Prevention

There are people who for one reason or another cannot take the flu shot. In this case, using herbal and homeopathic medicines may help to booster immunity so the body can fight the flu virus when it invades the body.
October 2014

Calming Down

Q: My children are feeling nervous about starting school. Is there anything they can take to help them stay calm without making them drowsy?
October 2014

Preparing Your Body to Fight the Winter Bugs

With fall and winter just around the corner, now is a good time to get your body prepared to fight the cold and flu bugs that we will inevitably encounter. In addition to making sure you stay well-hydrated (preferably by drinking water) and eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, there are certain supplements that can be considered to help boost and balance our immune systems.
September 2014

Bugs In Your Belly

The landscape of our gut gives epic meaning to the term, “internal conflict”. At any one time, the healthy human gut carries approximately 100 trillion micro-organisms in the intestines. This number is 10X greater than the total number of human cells in the body! The majority of these micro-orgnisms are bacteria, and because they are perpetually active, some scientists even view them collectively as an “organ” in the body, processing and releasing important nutrients and byproducts into the gut.
September 2014

4 R's For Gastro-intestinal Health

Optimal gastro-intestinal (G-I) health is a key component of overall wellness. The common saying, “You are what you eat” is very true. For centuries, the ancient Chinese believed that “All wellness and ailments originate from the central gut”. Dysfunction of the GI tract has been linked to various disease states including immune disorders, respiratory problems, mental acuity, energy level, mood, weight control, skin, joint, blood, and of course stomach and intestinal problems.
September 2014


Q: Every time my haemorrhoids flare up, I’m frustrated by the itching and the pain. Is there anything natural I can use to help with the symptoms or even to prevent the flare ups?
August 2014

Give Your Brain a Boost

Nobody likes to be forgotten, and, definitely, nobody enjoys forgetting. Regardless of your age, a healthy brain and nervous system are crucial to creating and maintaining our valuable memories. However, as we age, we need to help our bodies along by eating healthy, exercising our brains, and considering appropriate supplements to maximize our brain function and continue learning and remembering.
August 2014

Insect Bites

Q: I develop huge swellings when I get bitten by mosquitos and other insects. Is there anything I can do to reduce the itchiness and swelling?
Mosquito in Nature image courtesy of SweetCrisis /
July 2014

Mushrooms for Life

Growing up in an Asian household, we always thought that mushrooms were simply tasty foods, especially shiitake mushrooms which can add a savoury touch to so many dishes. Maitake mushrooms are particularly tasty when simmered in a hot-pot broth. But, I’m not here to give you a cooking lesson…at least not this month! For us, we realized the importance of mushrooms for their medicinal purposes when our uncle was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer and our father, Dr. Henry Cheng, put him on the Yunzhi mushroom (aka. Coriolus or Turkey Tail) as a part of the integrative approach he took to conquer his cancer.