Articles and Q&A's

July 2012

Don't Let Your Heart Skip A Beat

Your heart will beat, on average, 3 billion times by the time you are 75-years-old. Three billion! That is a lot of work demanded of the little muscle which is the size of your fist. Naturally, heart health and maintenance should be of utmost concern regardless of age. Of course, a heart-healthy diet and sound cardiovascular exercise program, accompanied by regular check-ups at your doctor will keep things running in tip-top shape. In addition, there is a lot of interest in the popular media regarding several supplements touted to benefit heart conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), heart-valve issues, angina and heart-attacks, and arrhythmias. Currently, three of the most-discussed are coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), L-carnitine and magnesium (Mg). All three of these non-prescription supplements may ultimately benefit heart-muscle health, but are they legit?
June 2012

Natural Approach to Neuropathies

Our nervous system is divided into the “central” nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord, and the “peripheral” nervous system consisting of nerves that run all over our bodies and limbs. Central neuropathy happens in dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, etc. Peripheral nerve neuropathy may result from poorly controlled diabetes, drugs, alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies including B1, B12 and Folates, chemical or heavy metal poisoning, nerve entrapment or injury, infections including herpes, auto-immune diseases, etc.
June 2012


Q: I have knee and hip pain from osteoarthritis. What is the best natural remedy? A: Try Maori Miracle® which contains ingredients for both healing and pain control. GlycoMarine® is an extract from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. It contains 9 different glycosaminoglycans that serve as raw materials for joint healing. It also has Cox-2 inhibitory properties and is chondroprotective.
May 2012

Seasonal Allergies

It is that time of the year again that pollens are flying everywhere and people are sneezing in the street. Most chemical medications for allergies have side effects and they are not suitable for pregnant women and young children. Homeopathic medicines are effective, safe, and free of side effects.
May 2012

Reduce Snoring

Q: My spouse snores like thunder.  Do you have some natural remedies that might help? A.: “Snore-Eze Mix” is a homeopathic liquid taken internally, whereas “DMS Anti-Snore Spray” is a throat spray that is usedat bed time. Both products works through minimizing the congestion of the soft palate thus opening up the air passage, reducing snoring and improving sleep apnoea.
April 2012

Protein Supplements Q&A

Q: How can I increase my protein intake when I do not want to eat more meat for fear of cholesterol? A: Supplement your diet with a protein powder. The 4Ever Whey Protein Powder provides 21 g of protein per 30 g serving and is sweetened with xylitol and stevia.
April 2012

Spice-Up Your Joints

Having the ability to move around freely is quite the blessing. Of course, this requires a healthy system of joints and muscles. We often take this for granted until we’re hit with a condition that slows us down, such as arthritis, which will likely affect every one of us sometime in our lives. Don’t fret, though! There are numerous options to prevent and mend the damage due to arthritis, especially if you get started early. Keep in mind, too, that regular movement and exercise will better your symptoms.
March 2012

Probiotics & Prebiotics

Improving our general health is always in the back of our minds. There are so many things that we can do: exercise on a regular basis, improve our diets, and maybe even start a supplement. With so many supplements to choose from, where is a good place to start? If you're looking for a supplement that will give you the most bang for your buck, consider taking a probiotic. Probiotics are the “good bacteria” found in the intestine that can exert positive health benefits. Common probiotic microorganisms that have been studied include the bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, L. Reuteri, bifidobacteria, and strains of L. casei or L. acidophilus. The probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii has also been studied for its medicinal use. Prebiotics are substances that are fermented by gut bacteria to create a more acidic environment which can help suppress the growth of harmful bacteria. Common examples include inulin, psyllium fibre, lactulose, fructose, oligosaccharides and germinated barley extracts.
March 2012


Tired of counting sheep? Prescription drugs may help but they can be habit forming. Many lead to hang over and other side effects. There are many herbs and homeopathics that will help sleep. However, try to modify your lifestyle first.
March 2012

Vinceel Mouth Spray

Q: What is a good healing spray for mouth ulcers? A: There are many preparations for mouth sores but the one that really promotes healing is a homeopathic spray called Vinceel
March 2012

Staying Healthy, Inside Out

Eating is definitely one of the joys of life. This shouldn't have to change as we age, but our bodies and physiology are continually changing with time. Such changes mean that the internal machinery we’ve relied on all our lives to digest and process foods will likely change for the worse… but no need to fret! There are great ways to maintain and augment the health of your digestive system to ensure proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. We cannot stop the fact that, as we age, our tastebuds lose sensitivity, our digestive enzyme production decreases, our guts become more leaky, and diminishes in ability to absorb nutrients. We can, however, supplement the body with natural building blocks to maximize the digestive system’s regenerative potential.
February 2012

Healthy Nails

Q: My nails are thin, curved, and brittle. Can I restore them with natural medicines? A: Biotin and silica are the most important ingredients in supplements designed to promote healthy nails. A good natural source of silica can be found in Florasil which contains extracts of the horsetail plant.