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December 2018

Bye Bye Dry Skin

Dry skin is an issue for people of all ages and all ethnicities. For some, the problem is mild and limited to some flakiness and feelings of itchiness and/or tightness. In more severe cases, the skin may be so dry that it may start cracking and even bleeding.
December 2018

Collagen for Beauty and Brawn

Supplementing with Type II collagen hydrolysate appears to help with joint pain making it an effective adjunct to glucosamine and/or chondroitin when supplementing with the latter two are not providing adequate relief. Collagen Types I and III seem to be more effective for improving the strength of hair, skin and nails.
December 2018

Recovery(TM), Revisited.

Glucosamine will not work alone to rebuild your joints. This is true of both the hydrochloride and sulphate forms of glucosamine. Adding chondroitin may only slightly increase the benefits. Everyday, we have arthritic clients coming into our pharmacies remarking how they have gone through “giant Costco-sized bottles” of glucosamine/chondroitin products with little or no benefit to their joints. This does not surprise us one bit. Fortunately, Recovery™ has been around for nearly 2 decades, greatly benefiting our human and horse/dog/cat clients at Cloverdale Pharmasave and Pharmasave Steveston Village.
December 2018

Immune Support with "Prevent"

Q: I have an immune condition and have been advised in the past to avoid echinacea or anything else that may stimulate my immune system. Is there anything I can take to help support my immune system as we enter the cold and flu season?
November 2018


Q: I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of supplementing with collagen. What are your thoughts?
November 2018

Naturally Beautiful Skin Care from Viva

Beauty comes from within. This is something that we believe in a figurative sense, but also a literal sense. Omega 3’s (especially gamma linolenic acid), pycnogenol, and hyaluronic acid are amongst our favourite oral supplements for supporting healthy skin from within. However, topical products have their place in giving us beautiful glowing skin.
November 2018

Prevent & Prevail Against the Cold & Flu

It’s that time of year again when we’re fielding many questions about what to take to prevent getting sick or to fight cold and flu symptoms. Getting immunized against the flu and pneumonia are always top of mind, but there is more that can be done.
October 2018

Preparing Your Body to Fight the Winter Bugs

With fall and winter just around the corner, now is a good time to get your body prepared to fight the cold and flu bugs that we will inevitably encounter. In addition to making sure you stay well-hydrated (preferably by drinking water) and eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, there are certain supplements that can be considered to help boost and balance our immune systems.
October 2018

Earl Grey: More than just a cup of tea

There are multiple benefits of drinking any type of black tea, but there is something unique about Earl Grey Tea. Bergamot, which most people are familiar with as the source of flavouring for this unique tea has been proven to have cardiovascular benefits when taken on its own.
September 2018

Back to School

It’s that time of year when we start preparing for back to school. We’re so busy worrying about crayons and notepads, textbooks and electronics, shoes and sports equipment, most of us don’t think about preparing our children’s bodies for the biological challenges. What is the use of all of these school supplies if our kids are not getting the most out of their education? Let’s chat about what we can do to boost their health.
August 2018

Naturally Soothing the Gut

With every bite of food that we eat, our bodies go into high gear. One of the actions of food in the stomach is to stimulate gastric (stomach) acid secretion, which is imperative to the process of digestion. However, this same beneficial digestive fluid can also be harmful due to its highly acidic nature. In a healthy body, the lining of the stomach is lined with a thick layer of mucous that protects it from the stomach acid. But, if there is a weakening in this protection, painful irritation can result. In the case of an actual breach in the stomach lining, ulceration can occur.
July 2018

Mighty Omega's

Anyone who reads our articles will likely have noticed a trend: we’re fans of supplementing with omega fatty acids! Unless there are dietary restrictions in place, we often suggest the use of fish oils to get your omega’s. But, there are a couple of stand-out products in the veggie-realm that warrant some attention.