Articles and Q&A's

September 2017

Breathing Easier with Natural Supplements

Breathing is such an automatic function that we often do not realize how important our respiratory systems are until they are affected by something like the smoke that drifted into the Lower Mainland from the wildfires in the Interior of B.C. Thankfully, our respiratory tracts are lined with tiny hairs called cilia from the nose right down to the smallest bronchioles to help sweep debris and particulates out of the body. When the cilia are not able to work as well as they should (e.g., are overwhelmed), particulates can cause irritation to the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract. To help things along, there are some supplements that can support the lungs’ natural detoxification and respiratory function.
September 2017

Relief for Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes can be such a bother. Not only do your eyes feel irritated and even painful, but your vision could be so blurry that driving or even walking across the street becomes dangerous. Your long-term vision could also be in jeopardy.
August 2017

Beautifully BC

Q:I heard there were several reputable natural supplement companies based out of BC. Is that true, and are their products any good? A:Such a timely question for BC Day. Some of our favourite companies are actually nestled right in our backyard here in BC. Why are they our favourites? Mainly because their products have proven to be highly effective in our experience.
July 2017

Sulforaphane Sun Protection

Q: I burn very easily and am concerned about my skin being damaged from being outdoors all summer. Other than using sunscreen, what can I do to protect my skin from the sun? A: Using sunscreen and wearing hats or long-sleeved clothing all play a role in preventing UV radiation from having a chance to interact with and damage our skin. However, certain antioxidants can be taken internally as well as applied externally to help reduce and reverse the effects of sun-induced damage.
July 2017

A Little Amino Acid to End a Lot of Pain

Many people know that AMINO ACIDS are the building blocks of protein. But did you know that DL-PHENYLALANINE (“DLPA”) is a special amino acid that not only helps alleviate PAIN, but may help battle fatigue, confusion, alertness and memory problems?
July 2017

Nutrition for Firmer Skin

You are what you eat... fortunately, we can make use of this principle when we think about how we can nourish our skin. If we think about the reasons why skin "ages", the first one that comes to mind and the one that plays the largest role is oxidation. Oxidative stress in the form of UV radiation from sunlight, air pollutants, ozone, smoking, and psychological stress can cause the skin to lose its strength and integrity, which can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin.
June 2017


Question: Shorts weather’s finally here, but my legs aren’t ready! What can I do to get rid of my SPIDER and VARICOSE VEINS? They make me so self-conscious…
June 2017

Staying "Pretty" in the Sun

We are fans of beauty from the inside out, but protecting our skin and keeping it pretty is a year-round endeavor that finds its greatest efforts being required in the summer. The first thing to think about is your sunscreen. Whether you choose a chemical sunscreen (such as avobenzone, octisalate, octinoxate, and/or oxybenzone that interacts with UV to create heat that is then dissipated) or a physical sunscreen (such as zinc oxide that physically deflects UV rays from the skin), make sure you are applying enough and frequently. A
June 2017


Q: I’ve always thought creatine was beneficial for those who wanted to bulk up like bodybuilders. Are there other benefits to supplementing with creatine?
June 2017

Mandarin Skin (and more) for Tummy Troubles

Nausea, indigestion, bloating, stomach upset, diarrhea…chances are you have experienced one of these symptoms sometime in the past. Oftentimes, these symptoms will resolve on their own or with the use of an over-the-counter medication. But, for those with a chronic gastrointestinal issue such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, finding a more long-term solution is key to living with their condition.
May 2017

Collagen Supplements

Q: I’ve heard a lot about collagen supplements and their skin benefits. What is your opinion on them? A: Collagen is an important part of the structural support and strength of connective tissue in the body, including the skin.
May 2017

Prevent and Prevail: New Herbal Arsenals Against the Cold and Flu

The viruses circulating our region this winter have produced particularly tenacious colds and flus with symptoms lasting weeks, if not months. This coupled with the fact that most of us catch anywhere from 8-10 colds a year has made many of us feel like we are perpetually sick. Once we’re sick, there is not much that can be done other than to purchase an over-the-counter product that may (or may not) provide you with relief of your symptoms.