Articles and Q&A's

April 2017

Detox Clear Change

Q: I’m a painter and have heard that it’s good to do a detox program once a year to clear my system of toxins that I encounter due to my line of work. What do you suggest?
April 2017

Spring Cleaning

With spring in the air, many of us feel inspired to clean house or to “turn a new leaf”. We prefer the latter metaphor when talking about detoxication as it implies a change in lifestyle versus a single event that then allows us to return to our prior state or habits. Many people think of doing a detox as an independent event that purges the body of as many toxins as possible so that we can continue with our current intoxicating habits. However, it is healthier for us in the long-run to use a detoxification program as a springboard to launch us into healthier habits and a healthier lifestyle.
March 2017

Marvelous Magnesium

Other than calcium, magnesium is probably the most well-known mineral in the body and for good reason. Magnesium plays an important role in bone structure and in over 300 cellular reactions including those invoved in regulating the building of protein, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation. As such, deficiency in this mineral is associated with many conditions including hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases.
March 2017

Nobody Walks With Another Man's Gait

A Kenyan proverb says that “Nobody walks with another man’s gait.” GAIT is the way in which someone walks. Each of us is born with a unique biomechanical combination of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skeletal structure which is designed to carry us through a lifetime of walking. This gives us our unique, natural way of walking. But sometimes, we are forced to change the way we walk, whether it be due to an injury, accident, weight-gain, surgery, habit, aging or simply over-use.
February 2017

D-STRESS (Lavender Oil)

Q: My mother is going through a stressful time and would like to try something to help alleviate her stress and anxiety. She is already taking quite a few medications and I am concerned about drug interactions. Is there anything she can try?
February 2017

Healthy, Sexy Legs

Sometimes sexy legs are not just about what you see on the outside. Helping your blood vessels to work properly can keep your legs looking slim and of a healthy colouring from the outside. Compression therapy is a well-known method of supporting the natural flow of blood and can be used in conjunction with supplements, which can improve the health of your blood vessels.
February 2017

Travel Smart

Sunny destination: check. Plane tickets: check. Sunscreen: check. Luggage: check. Passport: check. Missing something? If you have planned a once-in-a-lifetime trip to an exotic locale, don’t forget that there are several things you can do to prevent falling deathly ill. One of these things is VACCINATIONS. Read on to see why scheduling a Travel Clinic at CLOVERDALE PHARMASAVE or PHARMASAVE STEVESTON VILLAGE should definitely be on your travel checklist.
February 2017

Travel Health Q&A

Q: My family and I are bringing the kids on our much anticipated trip to Mexico. We are thrilled about the adventures we are going to have but are concerned that we may require additional vaccinations. What can we do to best protect our family? A: Going on a trip to an exotic location is exciting! Unfortunately, too many tourists become preoccupied with their itineraries that they neglect the important fact that certain diseases still exist in some parts of the world that may not be present in North America.
January 2017

Detoxifying Your Way to a Healthy New Year

The start of a New Year brings new energy and resolve! For many, resolutions will involve starting a new exercise regime, losing weight, or undergoing a detoxification. Just as keeping our houses clean promotes a better sense of well-being and allows for greater enjoyment of our houses, keeping our bodies cleansed via detoxification helps us to feel better and may improve the success of our other resolutions.
January 2017

Upset Stomach

Q: I think I overindulged over the holidays and my gut doesn’t feel quite right. I’m feeling bloated and gassy, as if I ate “something wrong” or am not digesting things properly. What can I use to ease this discomfort?
January 2017

Medical Weight Loss - Insurance for Many Healthy Golden Years (Insurance for a Healthy Future)

It is easy to make resolutions, but it is often tough to realize them. The New Year is a great time to have resolutions and make life(style) changes. Those of you who are diabetic (or borderline), who have high cholesterol, and/or high blood pressure, with or without obesity undoubtedly have been urged by your doctor and pharmacist to “lose some weight by eating better and doing some exercise”. But this is much easier said than done.
December 2016

Homeopathics for Winter Ailments

The cold chilly months of winter typically correspond to an increase in visits to the doctor’s office, not only for treatment of upper respiratory infections, but often injuries related to winter sports. In addition to the usual prescription and over-the-counter medications one might find at a pharmacy, there are a variety of homeopathic remedies that can be extremely useful.