Seasonal Allergies Q&A

March 2018

Q: Allergy season is just around the corner and I suffer miserably every year. Is there anything I can do to prepare my body so that I’m not completely dependent on antihistamines for the next few months?


:  Seasonal allergies occur when one person’s immune system becomes sensitized and over-reacts to allergens in the environment that other people’s immune system do not react to. Because of this, a homeopathic remedy known as THYMULINE can be beneficial as its role is to help balance the immune system. (Note that it does not stimulate the immune system as echinacea would, nor does it suppress the immune system like corticosteroids might.) Taken just once weekly and alternating with a homeopathic form of pollen, it is a powerful combination to “train” your immune system not to be so overreactive.

Another option is NATURAL D-HIST™ from Ortho Molecular Products, a combination of quercetin, stinging nettles leaf extract, bromelain, n-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) and vitamin C that can calm the allergic response while reducing the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. QUERCETIN is included for its ability to stabilize mast cells, which results in a diminished release of histamine, which reduces the associated swelling of localized nasal passages, mucous formation, and itchy eyes and nose. Mucous formed can trickle down the throat and trigger coughing. STINGING NETTLES LEAF EXTRACT is known for its anti-inflammatory and immune balancing activities in the respiratory tract. BROMELAIN’s action in this formula is two-fold: it enhances the absorption of quercetin and as an enzyme degrades allergenic protein complexes that are associated with triggering of the immune response. NAC has many benefits in the body, including being a precursor to glutathione (known as a “master antioxidant”), but it helps reduce the viscosity of mucous allowing for relief of symptoms. VITAMIN C is included for its ability to deactivate histamine.

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