Weight Control

October 2017

Weight Control QA Oct 2017

By Christine Cheng, R. Ph.

Q: It’s fall and all I hear about is “pumpkin spice latte” this or that! Combined with two upcoming family holidays where a big turkey feast is featured, I’m not sure my waistline can take it. Any suggestions on how to pre-empt what seems the inevitable weight gain?

A: Being mindful of what you are eating is important to maintaining not just a trim waistline, but to good health! Being aware of how your food choices affect your blood sugar is one starting point as spikes in blood sugar can lead to insulin spikes which can lead to insulin-resistance and eventually metabolic syndrome. Supplements
such as GLUCO-WISE™ or GLUCOSMART™ can help with health glucose metabolism and thus weight management. For long-term weight management and to learn lifelong health habits, consider a program such as IDEAL PROTEIN® (offered at both Pharmasave Cloverdale and Steveston Village) where the initial goal is to lose weight, but the lessons learned can help you negotiate a lifelong series of tempting turkey dinners.

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