Dr. Henry Cheng

Dr. Henry Cheng


Dr. Henry Cheng, advisor to Pharmasave in Cloverdale, is also a retired director of the holding company for the Pharmasave franchise. When he was director, he introduced the wellness theme with herbal and homeopathic medicines into Pharmasave stores across the country, Dr. Cheng also pioneered Professional Consultations, Clinics, and Community Seminars done in pharmacies. For his innovation in pharmacy practice, he was awarded the honour of "Friend of Pharmacy" by the B.C. Pharmacist's Association in the year 2000. This is a special honour awarded to a non-pharmacist who has made significant contributions to pharmacy practice.

Dr. Cheng completed his medical training in Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong and King's College Hospital in London in the late 60's. After graduating with the degrees Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B., B.S., equivalent to M.D. in Canada) he furthered his studies at King’s College Hospital in London and subsequently obtained a Post-graduate Degree in Diagnostic Radiology (D.M.R.D.). He practiced family medicine and radiology for 12 years in Hong Kong and England before he came to Canada in 1982. Upon arrival in Canada, Dr. Cheng refused to repeat his internship up north so he was not granted a registration and billing number even though the College of Physicians recognized his medical degrees. So, instead of continuing his medical practice there, he chose to operate a community pharmacy in Cloverdale. In the mean time, he joined the Canadian Health Food Association, and took a two-year course in complementary medicine designed by the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and obtained certification as a "Certified Natural Products Advisor" (C.N.P.A.). In 25 years' time, he converted Cloverdale Pharmasave from a general drugstore to a specialty pharmacy. Today, Cloverdale Pharmasave is a leader in Complementary (Integrative) Medicine, Veterinary medications, Home Health Care, Compounding (which is the making up of special medications from raw materials), consultations, clinics, seminars, bio-identical natural hormone replacement, Prokarin (histamine therapy for Multiple Sclerosis), cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring, etc. For his leadership and innovations, Dr. Cheng had been awarded runner-up of the “Drugstore Outstanding Services Award 2002” by the Pharmacy Post. This is a competition for all the pharmacies across Canada. He has also won awards by the City of Surrey and the Pharmasave franchise for his contribution to his community.

With training in both orthodox/western medicine and herbal/homeopathic medicine, Dr. Cheng believes that the best approach is to adopt the best of the two worlds. He has helped thousands of his customers to stay in good health by using alternatives properly. He had assisted many animal owners in saving their animals when orthodox treatment had given up hope. Among other things, support of cancer patients with herbal and homeopathic medicines is one of his specialties. Dr. Cheng regularly writes articles for local papers and magazines, advocating the sensible use of alternative medicine, and served as medical advisors to many manufacturers.

Cloverdale Pharmasave was the first pharmacy to integrate orthodox drugs with herbal and homeopathic medicines, one of the first to eliminate tobacco products from the store (written up by Vancouver Sun twice), one of the pioneers in bio-identical hormone replacement for menopause and Prokarin therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. It also has the largest selection of homeopathic remedies in BC. It is also B.C.'s (if not Canada's) most complete veterinary drugstore. From vaccines, vitamins, books, to first aid supplies for dogs, cats, horses, and farm animals, Cloverdale Pharmasave has them all. For his long-time contribution to the horse industry with good advice and products for the horse and horseman, Dr. Cheng was selected "Horse Business of the Year 2002" by the Horse Council B.C. This is the first time such an award was given to a pharmacy and the first time given to a “non-horsy” person.

The following are some of the awards that Dr. Cheng has won:

  1. "Friend of Pharmacy" conferred by the British Columbia Pharmacists' Association. This is an award given to a non-pharmacist who has contributed significantly to the development of pharmacy practice in British Columbia. I introduced clinics, community seminars, consultations, personal counseling into the pharmacist’s daily routine so the pharmacist is now no longer a pill counter.
  2. "Drugstore Outstanding Services Award" conferred by the Pharmacy Post, a national pharmacy journal. This contest is open to all the pharmacies in Canada and is awarded on the basis of innovation and quality of service.
  3. "Horse Business of the Year 2002" conferred by the British Columbia Horse Council, for my contribution to complementary medicine for horses and riders. I am the leading retailer in this area, being the first to introduce herbal and homeopathic medicine integrated with western orthodox medicine.
  4. "Pharmasave Services Award" conferred by Pharmasave, a national franchise chain. This was because I introduced the wellness concept into pharmacy practice some 18 years ago, and now this integrative practice has become the hallmark of Pharmasave.
  5. "Community Services Award" conferred by the Mayor of Surrey, for my long term wellness service to the community.
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M.B., B.S(U.K.), D.M.R.D.(Eng.),
Certified Natural Products Advisor (C.C.N.M.)
Natural Health & Integrative Medicine Consultant

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