I was looking after my daughter’s cat Benny, an inside/outside cat. He fell victim to a probable raccoon attack and had what looked like a minor injury. I cleaned it and kept him inside but the cut didn’t seem to heal. I tried hydrogen peroxide and other products and then went to Cloverdale Pharmacy as I knew they catered to animals. I gathered a few products and went to the counter for advice. Once I described the problem I found out hydrogen peroxide was not a good idea and I was advised to take Benny to a vet. I went out of there having bought nothing so this advice did not profit the pharmacy in any way. When the vet saw Benny he said the wound would never have healed on its own. Surgery was required to bring the two sides of the wound together. Benny is back with my daughter and healthy thanks to Cloverdale Pharmacy’s integrity.

Ann McBurnie

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