I came to know about pharmasave and their holistic approach through the Welcome Wagon coming up on 4 years ago! I had just entered menopause so I met with Lyle for a consult and also attended a seminar. I was so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of everyone I met and dealt with. How do they remember us by name? It makes you feel like you are a big family! 

I was scheduled for gallbladder surgery and the week prior to my surgery I attended a Purica Recovery seminar. The timing was perfect as I learned that the Purica Recovery could be used to manage pain and that it repairs at the cellular level. I bought a bottle and after my surgery, I was given a prescription for pain medication. When I came to from the surgery, I was given pain meds and they told me, before leaving the hospital, to take the prescribed pills every 4 hours. My husband filled the prescription at Cloverdale pharmasave. I thought I would fill it in the event the Recovery didn't do its job in managing my pain. I forget if it was 1 or 2 pills I ended up taking of the meds, but I switched over to Purica Recovery the day of my surgery given its healing and natural properties and the fact that there is not a long list of side effects. That brings so much comfort! I did not have to use the meds, the Purica Recovery managed the pain and I also was able to walk normally the next morning, completely free of pain! I returned the meds to the pharmacy! 

I attended one of the product events and loved it! I believe it was Lyle that made a batch of gluten free Black Bean Brownies, very delicious! I am super impressed with everything that Pharmasave stands for! You definitely can keep the p in pharmacy at Pharmasave!

Connie Johnson

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