My wonderful sister-in-law sent me the link to write a Testimonial for Cloverdale Pharmasave as during a recent visit I raved on about how wonderful their whole Pharmacy team is. Their service is warmly personal and knowledgeable with the added bonus of having both the pharmaceutical knowledge and holistic/naturopathic knowledge. For me and my family, if we can resolve issues holistically it's truly wonderful to have trusted professionals direct us to the right approach and knowing they have the background to know of potential negative interactions gives us peace of mind. I truly value their advice!! We've been customers of theirs for 24 years and feel that they've become more knowledgeable and full-service over the years. Christine & Fred are so kind and approachable....as are Lyle and Christine! We truly feel we have the best Pharmacy team of anyone we know.....we are so lucky they are in our Neighbourhood!! Thank you all at Cloverdale Pharmasave :)

Diane Foster

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