Ideal Protein 10,000 lb milestone basket giveaway at Cloverdale Pharmasave Celebrating our amazing Ideal Protein dieters by awarding a basket of goodies to the dieter who puts our clinic at the 10,000lb lost mark!  Cloverdale Pharmasave is constantly amazed at our... Added June 30, 2018
Come see what makes Cloverdale Pharmasave different At Cloverdale Pharmasave, we recognize that no two people (or animals) are the same! Our resident pain specialist, hormone specialist and animal health products staff are here to help. ... Added June 10, 2016
Plaque presentation by Welcome Wagon for 30 years of sponsorship Added May 13, 2015
What is Purica Recovery What is Purica Recovery and how can it help you to feel younger and better? Here is a short video on How and Why Purica Recovery Works.
Added May 12, 2014
Hormone Balancing This seminar will cover everything you wanted to know about hormone balancing & bio-identical hormones (estrogen/estriol, progesterone, testosterone, etc.) including:

1. What are they and where... Added January 9, 2014
Anniversary Celebration by Ursula Maxwell-Lewis  Video By Ursula Maxwell-Lewis

Cloverdale Pharmasave Wellness Centre 30th Anniversary. Dr. Henry Cheng, talks about what has makes his family pharmacy so successful at home and abroad.
Added September 9, 2013
30th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day Celebration Cloverdale Pharmasave held a 30th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day on September 7th 2013 to give back and say THANK YOU to our customers and community. The day offered guest speakers, live... Added September 7, 2013
Introduction to Cloverdale Pharmasave Compounding Pharmacy for People and Animals Cloverdale Pharmasave is your neighbourhood natural compounding pharmacy for people and animals. We specialize in compounding for both humans and animals, as well as in natural and complementary... Added July 19, 2013
Lyle Sunada on North of 49 Lyle Sunada of Cloverdale Pharmasave shares his thoughts on episode 13 of North of 49. Added September 1, 2011